Züri Walk&Talk Events

“Congratulation Natallia Zaremba and Monica Moldovan and team for this event and the valuable work in community building you are doing to advance sustainability discussions in Zürich!”

Laurène Descamps, Climate Action Advocate at Impact Hub Zurich

August 1.22

Zaremba Consulting GmbH is glad to announce a new business partnership with Primestar Group Hotels with the brand "travel.work.live" and a conscious and flexible lifestyle. The company operates 16 properties and 6 brands in 10 destinations in Germany.

July 8.22

reportage from the FAM Trip, part of the media collaboration with MICE Ladies and IDM Südtirol – Alto Adige.


Zaremba Consulting GmbH is available for the media collaborations with the destinations and related stakeholders. We will infuse the narrative into a montage of pictures and videos. We will involve talents from the creative network The Fabric of Clouds when needed. Collectively, we will create a story you will not find on Google. 

Alternatively, we will coordinate with your visual team to facilitate a flow into your product narrative.


April 1.22

On the first of April, we launched the new online course 'Become a Social Media Expert - simple', aimed mainly at individual companies, SMEs and start-ups that do not have deep marketing expertise.

Book your class here.

Photo credit: Carmen Sirboiu

March 28.22

In cooperation with Fructify Network and The Fabric of Clouds, we released the next edition of Züri walk & talk events 2022, mapping sustainable Zurich on foot, with a forward-thinking lineup of speakers and change-makers in the best city spots.


Züri walk & talk events, mapping sustainable Zurich on foot, a project of two communities, celebrates resounding success and intend to continue in 2022.

Creation and strategy execution by Zaremba Consulting GmbH.


ZÜRI WALK & TALK – Events with purpose

Welcome to Sustainability Decoded, a collaborative project with The Fabric of Clouds Community, Fructify network and Impact Hub Zurich


The Fabric of Clouds Community Resume.


Launch of The Fabric of Clouds, a community and platform for the Marketing Freelancers, at the Event Zone of Credit Suisse in Zurich.


A new initiative Züri Walk & Talk by Zaremba Consulting GmbH hosted by The Fabric of Clouds, a dynamic Marketing Freelancer Community:


How can small-scale enterprises anticipate the future and contribute to the creation of a new community model?

With Chiara Capuzzo from chiarastudio.com we created the platform “The Fabric of Clouds,” with Clouders Expert Lab and Clouders Expert Database, a community of experts in Digital Marketing serving the travel and event industry as well as their affiliated freelancers.


Media Coverage of the Unconference Shake Up the Workplace in the Kunsthaus Zurich, Switzerland.

Ola Potrykus-Majewska, Co-Founder of WeWentGlobal: “Thank you for capturing so well the emotions, the stories and the passion behind the scenes and for bringing your own curiosity, knowledge and rebellious mind & heart to it all".


Domestic travel will be the first to recover after the lockdown.

Together with Cresta Palace we created an Inspiration Guide in beautiful Engadin. For your much needed sabbatical in Switzerland we bear in mind wellbeing, sport and nature.


Zaremba Consulting GmbH is honoured and pleased to be a Media Partner of the Shake up the Workplace – a Future of Work Unconference in Zurich on March 9, covering the role of Visual Thinker and Chronologist as well as Networker.  

Have a look at the visualisation of the project on Instagram and LinkedIn and be part of a new community. 


Curating of exceptional experiences is the future of hospitality. With Cresta Palace we created an inspirational guide for the event planners to discover Engadin in winter. 


Konstanz.MICE Branchentreff organised by Illerhaus Marketing.  

A tremendous and enriching collaboration with Irina Graf from The MICE Blog for our Q&A session "Event Design principles in your Online presence".


Because we believe that these people and what they do in Engadin deserve an audience, with Cresta Palace we created so-called Experience Menus for the companies known as frame programs to experience the region in a more personal way.  

The focus is on the objectives of an event or a meeting as engagement, emotions, communication, culture in the team, networking.  

With an experience menu, it's like being hosted by locals. We help event planners to create a fantastic event while introducing the people of the region and their success stories.


We bundle our strengths, complete our knowledge, think in decades.  

Zaremba Consulting GmbH are excited to announce a new business partnership with WeWent, an online platform for team building, workshops, team diagnostics and more. 


New Year - New partnership with Swiss Truffle.


Zaremba Consulting GmbH are pleased to announce a new business partnership with Cresta Palace.